This Nightmare tale About a Dad taking His Son’s GF is completely Ruinous

The net is a hellscape designed to reveal all of us on the darkest deepness of humankind. Unfortuitously for 1 man on 4Chan who discovered their gf had been having an affair together with his pops, and made a decision to allow net know-all about this.

Based on the poster, after his grandfather kept his telephone away, the child found messages from his personal girlfriend — including nudes and recommendations to her becoming their « dirty small secret. »

He then starts conversing with his father:

One poster questioned him for proof in the form of his girl’s sound — which he delivered.

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The storyline concludes making use of the man fixing to murder his personal dad. Who is to say the first poster is not filled up with sh*t, but cheating is quite messed up it doesn’t matter what you look at it, referring to essentially cheating on steroids. Here is to wishing nothing people ever need to go through everything remotely similar to this yourselves, because yikes.