Confession: i am those types of aggravating individuals who, every February, discusses exactly how valentine’s is actually a crock of you-know-what because it should not get an unique, sickeningly sweet, Hallmark-y vacation to remind one to love your partner. Annually it will get hipper to hate on romantic days celebration, concise your machines almost look poised to tip back additional course. In 2015, will the cooler-than-thou young ones need begin honoring V-Day rather than condemning it? Exactly What a strange world that would be…

Although the anti-Valentine’s Day forces tend to be loud, it would appear that we tend to be covertly honoring anyway. eHarmony asked 3000 men and women when they had plans for Valentine’s Day 2014 and about 64percent of these said that they would be investing the break with that special someone. Here is what they had prepared (or otherwise not):

  • 17percent of men and women stated that they had maybe not prepared something in the course of the study (that has been done merely three days before valentine’s!).
  • 6per cent said they had put lots of preparing inside event.
  • A lot of people, unsurprisingly, dropped somewhere in the middle – they would place about a small amount of idea inside getaway, but were not heading all-out.
  • Men happened to be the romantics with the lot. While ladies were very likely to state they’d done hardly any to no preparation after all, males happened to be more likely to say they’d accomplished a fair level of planning or many planning their particular valentine.

Great news for married individuals: wedding gets an awful rap for dulling the spark, however the damage – at the least in which romantic days celebration is concerned – is honestly overstated. Couples who have been matchmaking specifically happened to be more than likely to own strategies, at 89per cent, but at 82percent married people just weren’t much behind. Partners who were interested were the least expected to made any ideas, possibly because they’re too busy preparing their unique weddings.

Once the wedding day eventually comes, some tips about what we are to:

  • 37per cent of men and women drop by supper and their honeys.
  • 26per cent prefer a romantic dinner in.
  • 18% skip the supper 1 / 2 totally and get straight to a motion picture day.
  • 71per cent of men and women intend to offer their particular valentine a present (79percent of men, 65percent of women).
  • Females rated their unique present preferences such as this: blossoms (17%), jewelry (16%), closeness (17%), a credit (12percent), and a health spa day (11percent).
  • Men voted strongly in support of closeness as perfect romantic days celebration present (40per cent), but subsequent in-line ended up being a card (11percent).

and all naysayers, eHarmony in addition unearthed that the largest reasons men and women state they celebrate Valentine’s Day tend to be relationship, hookup, and authentic enjoyment of this trip.